Government Agencies

Government agencies depend on the exchange of information, from scientific research to the latest cultural and financial trends. Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) offers entire U.S. Government departments or agencies the freedom to share content while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

Government offices, along with businesses and universities, are responsible for complying with copyright law. Respect for intellectual property rights is not only required, but it is also vital in supporting our economy.

CCC makes it easy to share content from the world’s most sought-after published material, from print and electronic journals, blogs, newspapers, books and more through:

  • Email
  • Intranet sites
  • Collaboration applications
  • Photocopies
  • Internal databases
  • Scanning paper copies of content when electronic versions are not available
  • Electronic content file storage in certain conditions

Benefits to your agency:

  • Minimize your agency’s copyright infringement risk.
  • Save money by reducing time spent pursuing permissions.