Ringgold Solutions

More than 600,000 records encompassing publishers, funders, research organizations, universities, intermediaries, and more

How it works


  • Ringgold PIDs and rich metadata enable data-driven decisions based on granular hierarchies 
  • Uniquely links related organizations to form an authoritative structured hierarchy 
  • Detailed data supports decisions about funding entitlements, OA deals, compliance with mandates and more 
  • A multilingual team translates and transliterates from multiple languages and character sets including non-Latin scripts  
  • Complements other PIDs in place, such as ORCID IDs, DOIs, and ISNIs 
  • Serviced and supported by a full-time, professional team of engineers, customer service and language specialists 


  • Supports the shift to OA publishing models 
  • Expertly-curated organizational data makes Ringgold the leading PID solution to help publishers improve data quality 
  • Streamlines workflows by facilitating data interoperability within and between internal and external systems  
  • Granular hierarchy information and rich metadata help identify conflicts of interest in peer review and grant reviews  
  • Adheres to best practices for data quality, security, and compliance 

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Get a standardized Ringgold ID that uniquely identifies your organization

Ringgold by the numbers

Ringgold persistent identifiers

Used by
80 +
leading publishers, intermediaries, and funders

of Ringgold PID's have a corresponding ISNI ID

28,000 +
funder records

25,000 +
new records added in 2022

70,000 +
records updated in 2022

Expand the benefits of the Ringgold Identify Database with these services:

Ringgold Audit Service

Let our experts normalize and enrich your data.

Helps publishers obtain expertly curated, normalized, and enriched organization data to enable data-driven business decisions. Led by a team of data management experts, and language and country specialists, the Ringgold Audit Service provides data mapping to the industry leading Ringgold Identify Database for a level of accuracy, disambiguation, and duplicate identification not possible with other solutions.

Ringgold Validate Service

Create new Ringgold IDs on demand.

Enables Ringgold Identify Database users to immediately generate new Ringgold IDs for organizations not currently held in the database.

Ringgold Consortium Directory

Create custom sales offers with up-to-date global consortia data.

Helps with the understanding of the complex organizations of library consortia. A comprehensive database with records for nearly 350 library consortia worldwide, the Ringgold Consortium Directory supports publishers in strategic sales planning and empowers them to easily craft individual offers.

Customer success story

It is much easier for users to see the holistic view of that customer because now data is all in one place.

Robert Drayton IT Analyst, American Psychological Association

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