Open Scholarly Publishing Solutions

Community designed, community driven. The last few years have been full of change for the scholarly publishing community. We’ve seen the advancement of transformative institutional agreements under Plan S and other mandates, the embrace of open science and open data initiatives, not to mention the ongoing impact of the global pandemic.

We’ve pioneered a simple approach – creating solutions together. It means we work together as a community to explore the issues and find solutions that make things better for all.

Constant change, continuous innovation. Through partnerships, integrations, and support of cross-stakeholder initiatives in RightsLink for Scientific Communications (RLSC), we support Open Access (OA) funding workflows that serve everyone in the community — publishers, institutions, funders, and authors. We’ve been an active partner in the evolution of hybrid and pure OA publishing models, working with publishers to put the author and institution experience first, and manage shared infrastructure in a scalable and sustainable way. RLSC simplifies OA funding management for all stakeholders. Learn more about its features and benefits here.

CCC, RightsLink & Open Access

A Community Driven Journey to Creating a Customer-Centric Solution for Open Scholarly Research

RightsLink for Scientific Communications (RLSC) was designed as a shared platform to help facilitate trust, transparency, and efficiency across all OA stakeholders including publishers, authors, institutions, and funders.

The map below reflects the growth in authors publishing OA and in institutions managing OA agreements with RLSC publishers since 2018.


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