Information Solutions for Business

What does success look like to you?

Getting solutions to market faster? Smarter? With less risk? Accelerated discoveries using the latest technology to organize and synthesize information more effectively? A more efficient R&D workflow that gets researchers the information they want when they want it? And usage rights included?

At CCC, we listen to your specific needs, and deliver the solutions that help you do your best work.

Reinvent the way you work with content

Knowledge Managers/Information Managers-Depend on CCC’s intuitive solutions and integrations to help them manage vast amounts of content and data, analyze content usage, and make informed buying decisions. Read More

Researchers-Work more efficiently with CCC solutions that connect them instantly to information that matters most. They get instant content access, semantic search capabilities, as well integrated text and data mining solutions to reveal new insights that fuel future discoveries, and built-in rights licensing that simplifies collaboration. Read More

C-Suite Leaders-Can accelerate the extraction of insights from data to improve business outcomes using CCC solutions. The typical enterprise is inundated with siloed, uncategorized and inaccessible data and the volume of these data is increasing.  We want to collaborate with your team to help address your challenges.  Our lean and agile approach to discoveries is proven to produce successful results in days-to-weeks leading to robust solutions to help you eliminate data silos and accelerate innovation. Read More

Marketers-Create better presentations and videos with CCC’s rights licensing for the use of music and movies at work. We take the speed bumps out of creating multimedia content.

Why CCC?

  • Solutions that are scalable and global-ready
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Flexible, cloud-based technology
  • 90%+ of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies choose CCC
  • The world leader in document delivery
  • 97M citations in our content catalog
  • A global leader in content rights licensing with 950M+ rights to works in all formats