RightFind® Enterprise

The Content You Need – Anywhere, Anytime.

Provide your employees with fast, easy access to the high-value copyrighted information they need in a single platform. RightFind® content workflow solutions integrate seamlessly with CCC’s licenses and your subscriptions, saving money by accelerating the flow of research and streamlining your information management operations.

Access Content

Streamline employee access to the world’s largest collection of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content, while reducing the administrative burden and cost of managing and hosting these research databases, literature and corporate repositories. In addition to your holdings, RightFind offers the fastest document turnaround time in the industry, processing more than 1.5 million documents annually. Most items are available instantly, and 95 percent of all orders are available within 24 hours.

Facilitate Collaboration 

Use shared library spaces to purchase, organize and tag content across the enterprise. Share insights across global teams using comments, annotations and ratings – and export citations in nearly 2,000 industry formats in just a few clicks.

Speed Up the Innovation Process

Bring scientific concepts to the forefront when reading and searching for literature, by semantically enriching millions of citations and full-text articles. For text analytics focused research projects, RightFind can provide direct access to full text STM content in structured XML format, on demand from publications you subscribe to. You can also discover articles that fall outside of company subscriptions, providing the most complete article collection for mining.

Track Content Usage

RightFind provides industry-leading content analytics and reporting that offer detailed insight into what published information matters most to your organization. The powerful reports and dashboards in RightFind can help you make data-driven decisions to support enterprise-wide initiatives.

Manage Copyright Compliance

RightFind integrates seamlessly with CCC’s Annual Copyright License, making it easier to share content in a copyright compliant way. Our rights management technology is the only source for direct, accurate information about your CCC text license rights.

Need Some Extra Assistance?

Our Managed Knowledge Services provides highly skilled information experts matched to your organization’s unique needs and culture and helps you achieve your strategic business objectives.


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