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Meeting the Needs of Food & Agriculture Companies with RightFind

With the rising cost of materials and ingredients driving down margins, and the need to respond rapidly to consumer demands and trends, CCC understands the pressure for Food Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), ingredient, and agriculture companies to innovate with new products, new ingredients, or new ways of using existing ingredients.

Because many food companies are siloed by brands or teams, valuable time is lost looking for relevant content, and there is often little oversight of copyright. Food safety teams also struggle to quickly access scientific evidence required to support claims and avoid potential brand damage from safety recalls.

How published content supports your Food and Agriculture business

Food development scientists email articles about innovations in food preservation to colleagues.

Regulatory submission specialists submit copies of articles to government agencies to support claims or where required as part of a regulatory filing.

Food product developers use excerpts from magazines, blogs, and trade publications to validate consumer trends in support of a new product recommendation.

Environmental, health and safety staff store and reuse content, including standards, for plant safety, compliance, government response, and plant oversight.

More than 60 global food and agriculture companies trust CCC for copyright compliance.

CCC is the only company to have a partnership with IFIS to provide full text document for (FSTA) Food Science Technology and Abstracts database.

Customer success story

When our regulatory teams are looking for quick information on how they can use published content, this is a good tool for them.

Rachel Benzies Information and Knowledge Management Lead, Syngenta