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Copyright Clearance Center’s (CCC) RightFind® content workflow solutions give you immediate cloud-based access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) content. Search for published STM literature and access articles in their entirety with a single click.

You and your colleagues can get content instantly from your subscriptions, document delivery and Open Access sources, as well as from your company’s own archived materials. If you don’t already have an article that you or your colleagues need, you can buy it on the spot.

The RightFind® XML for Mining solution enables you to identify and download full-text article collections on demand from multiple publishers in XML format through a single source and import those results into your preferred text mining software.

Collaborate with Ease

Intuitive tools built into CCC’s content workflow solutions enable you to store articles, organize them and tag them to support collaboration within workgroups.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Instant information retrieval means streamlined workflows, faster innovation and increased efficiency. No more wasted time searching through multiple discovery and collaboration platforms, Open Access sites and local shared drives. Everything is at your employees’ fingertips. You simply load content your organization already licenses—journal subscriptions, articles, eBooks, databases, etc.—into CCC’s content workflow solutions, and they automatically run queries against the full range of your internal holdings.

Get Greater Value from Your Subscriptions

With centralized, instant access to your holdings, colleagues can easily find the information you’ve acquired and gain greater value from it. Greater usage means you can optimize your content spend.

Minimize Infringement Risk

CCC’s content workflow solutions integrate seamlessly with our Annual Copyright License. When employees retrieve content, they also see exactly what enterprise rights they have to share that published information. That’s content and usage rights all in one place to save time and simplify copyright compliance. CCC’s rights management technology is the only source for direct, accurate information about your Annual Copyright License rights.

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