Annual Licensing & Document Delivery for SDOs

Monetize Your Content and Extend to New Markets

Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) partner with CCC to boost license revenues, find new markets for content, and explore opportunities for data integration. For SDOs who need to protect and augment existing revenue streams and uncover new opportunities for revenue growth, CCC offers trusted licensing and document delivery services that complement SDO’s own subscription and individual document sales programs. CCC provides innovative licensing and document delivery services so users can leverage the unique value of standards publications while respecting the intellectual property rights of those who produce them, all without leaving their workflow.

Copyright & Standards

SDOs offer a broad range of unique, high-value content products to users around the world. While most business customers take great care with how they acquire and use standards materials, they may not realize that creating materials that contain information from standards publications to support internal training programs or share with members of a working group is not covered under the scope of their subscription or purchase agreement.

Customers need a convenient way to license and purchase standards content as needs arise. Many seek a more streamlined purchase process and expect the convenience of making this purchase within their existing workflows. Others may incorrectly assume that their intended use is already covered by their subscription. Regardless of the motivation behind them, these scenarios may result in missed opportunities for the SDO.

“As long as I can find standards and put them in RightFind, I am satisfied. There are standards organizations that specifically exclude the ability to add to RightFind in their terms and this is challenging.” – Corporate Librarian
Partnering with CCC

CCC, a global leader in licensing and content workflow solutions, provides two trusted services that complement and extend revenue opportunities for SDOs while providing business customers with convenient access to standards materials, when, where, and how they prefer:

  • The CCC Annual Copyright License (ACL) offers a consistent set of rights to business users who wish to reuse published materials previously acquired through subscription or purchase, complementing subscriptions and purchases by providing essential reuse rights that may not be included in those agreements. Materials in the ACL repertory include standards, news publications, books, scholarly journals, and more.
  • RightFind, our award-winning content workflow solution, provides business users with immediate access to a range of subscribed literature in a single portal. It also enables the purchase of individual documents through its industry-leading document delivery service.

Each year, CCC collects licensing and document delivery fees from these customers for their use of copyrighted material, and then distributes royalties to participating rightsholders, such as SDOs. The royalties paid come from the fees collected from the content users.

“We like the control we have with RightFind, but we need more standards to satisfy our users…global coverage is crucial for us.” -Corporate Library Manager