Licensing Opportunities for SDOs

Expand your license revenues by participating in the Annual Copyright License for Business

How it works


  • Some business users may incorrectly assume that their intended use of standards materials is already covered by their subscription agreement with the SDO
  • Many users seek a more streamlined process to access the rights then need without leaving existing workflows
  • SDOs may be missing licensing opportunities


  • SDOs can protect and augment existing revenue streams and uncover new opportunities for revenue growth
  • CCC licensing services complement SDO’s own subscription and product sales efforts
  • CCC helps users leverage the unique value of standards while respecting the intellectual property rights of SDOs, all without leaving their workflow.

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Customer success story

[CCC] led us through the various project phases with in-depth explanations and tools to help our team succeed in meeting the project’s mission. CCC made the process easier by learning extensively about our organization and how each process and content asset works. CCC also collaborated with our teams to align the content delivery system requirements to the out-of-the-box and configurable functionality of the publishing platform.”

Julie Sabo Director, Graphic Design, Digital Output, and Production Services, ASTM