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How Syngenta Creates a Robust Information Hub for R&D Employees with RightFind Enterprise

Syngenta, a leading agriculture company that aims to improve global food security, has 5,000 R&D employees spread across the world.

To meet the evolving needs of researchers, Syngenta’s information and knowledge management team wanted to create a streamlined process to obtain content. That information like company subscriptions, scientific journals, and more was both dispersed and diverse.

“We have members of R&D spread far and wide, and when we say field sites, some of the sites really are field sites,” Syngenta’s Information and Knowledge Management Lead Rachel Benzies said. “In addition to those at our main R&D sites, these are people who need to be able to access the information we provide.”

In 2015, Syngenta began utilizing RightFind Enterprise– Copyright Clearance’s Center’s platform that provides employees with fast, easy access to the high-value copyrighted information they need.

Initially, RightFind was sought out to streamline how the organization was managing document delivery. But today, all subscriptions and document delivery content are accessed and stored in RightFind.

“[RightFind] really is the hub of the access to published content for us” Rachel said.

When our regulatory teams are looking for quick information on how they can use published content, this is a good tool for them.

—Rachel Benzies, Information and Knowledge Management Lead, Syngenta

Copyright Compliance Made Easy

RightFind Enterprise provides a reliable way for employees to access content across their subscriptions, as well as copies that are stored and shared in accordance with Syngenta’s licenses, and a convenient document delivery workflow to purchase copies they need on an individual basis. RightFind also enables users to confirm what rights they have to share specific content, without leaving their workflow. Employees can simply type in the title of the work, and verify coverage based on the way they want to use the content.

Flexible Reporting & Monitoring Content Usage

Syngenta has access to real-time usage and spend tracking—including for document delivery purchases. Through RightFind Business Intelligence, they can spot coverage gaps for potential new subscriptions.

Exploring New Digital Approaches to Solve Agricultural Problems

Now that the content access, purchasing and storage process has been streamlined, Syngenta is exploring new avenues in RightFind to enhance the research process. Through tools like RightFind Insight, users can semantically enrich millions of citations and full-text articles. This functionality can be applied to search queries across the entire catalog of 113 million citations, or to list of specific articles users have set up in workgroup collaboration spaces called Shared Libraries.

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