The repercussions and challenges of a remote workforce made the idea of implementing a new information management solution more daunting – but even more necessary.

Mirati Therapeutics has an ever-present need for copyright complaint access to information. The content acquisition process prior to the Covid-19 pandemic was based on both departmental and individual preferences; there wasn’t a single, streamlined approach. This inconsistency created data silos internally and left users without a centralized place to access content and collaborate. Many researchers, out of habit or convenience, were storing content directly on their desktops or personal folders, so ease of sharing, or the ability to know what was already available under Mirati’s licenses, was hindered.

Having a central access point for content was what Romel called “the main benefit” of RightFind Enterprise, Copyright Clearance Center’s (CCC) comprehensive solution to find, manage, and collaborate on content.

And even though they kicked off the implementation process from the kitchen table rather than the office, implementation was able to run on schedule, without adjustments.

We were able to implement Mirati's RightFind instance in about a month, all while navigating the transition from in office to work from home. Implementing RightFind is really a partnership with our clients, and Mirati leaned into that. They got us all the information we needed, enabling me to get them up and running quickly.

Shelley Zatsky Copyright Clearance Center

About Mirati

Based in San Diego, California, Mirati Therapeutics is a clinical phase biotechnology company focusing specifically on targeted oncology. Its approximately 175 employees strive to discover, develop and deliver breakthrough therapies to transform the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones.

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