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Centralizing Information Services Across the Globe at Otsuka

Managing information services for thousands of employees in different organizations across the world hasn't been an easy feat, but with the help of CCC's RightFind® Enterprise and the Multinational Copyright License, Otsuka has enhanced its Global Information Network.

Before the inception of the Global Information Network, Otsuka faced many challenges on the information landscape. Otsuka has 183 companies in 28 countries, and most operate independently.

Keeping these organizations separate has benefits, but for information services, the inability to effectively share information across organizations resulted in two main problems. Many employees weren’t sure what information could or could not be shared across company lines and geographic borders. This was resulting in inefficiencies and duplication in content procurement, the inability to effectively share information at scale, and copyright compliance risk.

Working with the team at CCC, Otsuka began to expand the Multinational Copyright License and RightFind as its global literature ordering and management tools.

Today, the Global Information Network has centralized information costs, established global information strategies and standardized purchase protocols. RightFind has been expanded and rolled out to 34 global affiliates in 18 countries, and it has become Otsuka’s first truly global system used by six divisions worldwide.

Streamlining the Document Ordering Process

All Otsuka employees now adhere to the same document ordering process and the same shared libraries services — greatly reducing inefficiencies in Otsuka’s content workflows. RightFind’s searchable database of more than 100 million citations comprises the world’s largest collection of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content, and ordering documents is easy with the simple Content Finder search box.

Copyright Compliance Made Easy

RightFind integrates seamlessly with CCC’s Multinational Copyright License to make copyright-compliant sharing of published content easy. Employees can view their rights to share specific content, all without leaving their workflow.

Supporting Different Business Units' Unique Needs

The Information Services team centralized document ordering for Global Pharmacovigilance and FDA Submissions within RightFind, creating a more efficient process. Additionally, orders placed by the Otsuka Global Regulatory team are automatically prepared for submission to the FDA in accordance with the eCTD specifications. The Information Services team also worked with other functions to integrate their workflows into RightFind, using the Shared Libraries features.

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