Annual Copyright License

The Annual Copyright License is a single source of global rights across a broad repertory of journals, blogs, news publications and books. As a complement to your organization’s subscriptions and purchases, the license allowemployees to efficiently share published content internally, accelerate business results, and simplify copyright compliance.

Rights Across Millions of Published Works

With the Annual Copyright License, employees in your organization get a consistent set of storage and re-use rights that apply across copyrighted content from millions of journals, blogs, books, news sources and more.

Drive Business Forward

Because the Annual Copyright License reduces time and costs related to pursuing individual permissions, and accelerates collaboration across global teams, your company can focus on what really matters – innovation.

Minimize Infringement Risk

You can breathe easy knowing that your employees have the rights to share copyrighted material while respecting third-party intellectual property rights. The Annual Copyright License helps to minimize your infringement risk. You can also  extend the coverage  of your Annual Copyright License to employees based outside the U.S.

View Your Rights Anytime

CCC’s RightFind® solutions offer the quickest, most reliable way for employees to confirm rights included in the license to share specific content, all without leaving their workflow. A CCC licensing representative can advise you on which rights lookup solution is right for you.

Add Movie and TV Show Rights

There’s a simple way to license the use of scenes and full-length movies and TV shows in your organization. Learn about the Motion Picture License.

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