Reuse Content

Support Collaboration and Simplify Copyright Compliance

A license from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) provides your entire organization with a consistent set of reuse rights across an extensive repertory of the most valued journals, blogs, news publications, and more—covering a full range of information sources trusted by business professionals in every industry, from life sciences to financial services.

Minimize Infringement Risk

Copyright compliance is simple when you have a comprehensive annual license that covers all of your employees around the world. CCC’s licenses help you maximize your content investments by complementing your existing publisher agreements and subscriptions to fill any gaps in coverage – enabling colleagues to compliantly reuse content from thousands of publishers, authors, and content providers.

View Your Rights Instantly

Work smarter, not harder. When users do not know what rights are available to them, they are often left to check internal resources or refer to a list of online subscriptions, which disrupts their current workflow and slows productivity. CCC’s complimentary rights lookup tool RightFind Advisor integrates with the licenses, offering the quickest, most reliable way for employees to confirm rights to reuse specific content, all without leaving their workflows.

Reuse Articles, Show Movies and TV Shows

Whether you’re embedding a PDF of a recent newspaper article about the organization in the company newsletter for internal staff, sharing an important journal article in a briefing the company’s Board of Directors, showing a compelling movie scene to enhance your employee training program, or adding a humorous TV show scene to a presentation, CCC can provide you with compliance solutions that allow your employees to collaborate compliantly using material from journals, blogs, news sites, and books, as well as scenes from movies and TV shows from Hollywood’s biggest studios.

Collaborate with Colleagues Worldwide

Navigating the complex web of international copyright treaties and individual countries’ domestic copyright laws can be intimidating. CCC eliminates that complexity by providing a consistent set of content re-use rights for your employees globally, to support collaboration and innovation across geographic borders while respecting copyright.

Receive Ongoing Support

Along with your CCC compliance solutions, you receive support throughout the year. From a dedicated account manager to answer your questions to unlimited access to a wide range of multimedia copyright education resources to a customizable copyright policy template and on-site training, we’re here to help.