Invitation-Only Digital Gathering Encouraged Collaboration and Delivered Value to Customers

The CCC corporate solutions and product team recently hosted our 7th annual invitation-only RightFind Roundtable with a select group of business leaders from the world’s top R&D companies. The three-day virtual event focused on identifying ways to further expand the value to customers of RightFind®, CCC’s advanced research and content workflow suite.

Our virtual roundtable format enabled us to bring our US and European clients together for the first time so they could hear what was on the minds of like-minded peers around the world,” said Lauren Tulloch, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, CCC. “These roundtables are essential to staying ahead of evolving customer needs for content and licensing amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. We value these events as opportunities to partner closely with our customers to collaboratively develop meaningful, scalable solutions.”

CCC supports collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders to ensure the best possible solutions to our customers’ information management needs. The company encourages engagement across boundaries through an ongoing series of roundtables, panel events, webinars, podcasts and blog posts, and our customers are appreciating the value derived from such opportunities.

One of the benefits of this event is the opportunity to learn from others… is useful to hear about others’ general experience of delivering their service, particularly in the current environment.  It is also great to feel heard – that CCC is so open to input from its customers…., and experience shows this input translates to action.”

The RightFind team is in-tune with our needs and working on key priorities; they are looking at both micro and macro levels of enhancements. The RightFind team is “best in class” with impressive information industry knowledge and experience.”

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCC has been committed to supporting global research efforts. CCC immediately offered a collection in RightFind to provide users with instant access to open-to-read content covering COVID and related diseases. The collection now includes more than 145,000 articles and preprints. The CCC team is also continuing to highlight data creators and data aggregators who are contributing to the common good by providing visualizations, dashboards, and access to datasets related to COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus causing it.

A powerful research solution for hundreds of global R&D teams and other corporate content users, RightFind reinforces the value of CCC’s Annual Copyright License (ACL), a trusted licensing solution that complements publisher agreements and subscriptions by providing a consistent set of reuse rights across a broad repertory of titles. This enables teams to easily collaborate using content from a wide range of sources, simplifying copyright compliance and driving innovation. CCC provides a wide range of resources to educate employees about the importance of copyright and help them navigate changes in how teams collaborate when much of the world is working remotely.

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Author: Keri Mattaliano

Keri Mattaliano is a Director of Corporate Solutions for the RightFind Suite in CCC’s Corporate Business Unit. Keri develops go-to-market strategies, conducts market research and competitive analysis, creates customer personas, and develops product positioning and sales training and tools to drive demand for our products. Keri started with CCC in 2011 and has had roles in customer service, account management and client engagement, including managing the client services team in Cologne, Germany in 2014 & 2015. According to the Master’s degree from Rutgers University that her dad framed, she is a librarian, however, she has never worked in a library.
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