Content procurement and cost are top challenges for emerging research, life science, and biotech organizations. The ability to access and share scientific literature accelerates knowledge and powers innovation.

Many growing businesses are rapidly building their employee base and don’t have the human resources of larger organizations. Many employees in emerging organizations balance a wide array of secondary duties, including literature procurement and management. Solutions for supporting the resource needs of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are in demand. 

In August 2021, CCC and Wiley worked together to pair Wiley’s prestigious journals with RightFind’s powerful collaboration tools. RightFind’s collaboration tools already support numerous research teams, enabling them to more easily access the content they need to conduct critical work more efficiently and effectively. 

Wiley Journals through RightFind provides access to the vast majority of Wiley’s articles at an economical and predictable annual price. Researchers get the benefit of an annual enterprise-wide subscription with the convenience of staying in the RightFind platform, strengthening copyright-compliant collaboration. 

Wiley Journals through RightFind allows your organization: 

  • Immediate access to 7.5 million+ articles from nearly 2,000 peer-reviewed journals 
  • Benefit from a 200-year heritage of quality publishing; Wiley journals are trusted, highly cited, and globally relevant 
  • Easy full-text access to scientific literature and data you need from Wiley, in a workflow that provides rapid discovery and insights 
  • Access the latest thinking from extensive Editorial Boards of active researchers, subject experts, and research community leaders 
  • Get the content they need when and where they need it, with the extra peace of mind of doing so in a copyright-compliant workflow 

“Individual article purchase is often not the most efficient or cost-effective way for emerging R&D organizations to get content,” said Lauren Tulloch, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, CCC. “This collaboration with Wiley enables us to offer quick and easy access to a wide range of the content researchers need to conduct critical work efficiently and effectively.”

“Making Wiley content more accessible to small and mid-size enterprises helps us drive impact for our authors and partner societies, and helps us drive research forward,” said Duncan Campbell, Senior Director, Global Sales Partnerships, Wiley. “Partnering with RightFind enables us to meet users where they are and support their content needs.” 

The success of Wiley Journals through RightFind has highlighted a need in SMEs with under 500 full-time employees to offer access to additional STM subscriptions. CCC looks forward to announcing expanded subscription services later in 2022.


Author: Adam Churchill

Adam Churchill is a Product Solutions Manager for CCC, responsible for Document Delivery with RightFind. Adam offers experience working with customers at every level, understanding the problems they're trying to solve, and working with them to achieve the outcomes they desire. Before joining CCC, he was the Director of Online products at UIE and Director of Customer Contact for Valspar. Adam graduated from Salem State College and lives in Danvers, Massachusetts--almost in the shadow of CCC's corporate headquarters--with his wife and two daughters.
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