Guest Users of Ringgold Identify Database

This free lookup service provides limited guest access to the Ringgold Identify Database user interface.

Please be advised that this complimentary service provides:

  • 7 days access only
  • 10 searches per day
  • a maximum of 10 results per search
  • a restricted view of the record containing the Ringgold Identifier (a unique number we assign to each organizational record), ISNI number, and location information only

Here are some helpful links to assist you in your use of the Ringgold Identify Database:

If you can’t find your organization in the database, then we may need to create a new identifier.

Ringgold Identify Database helps the scholarly communications community normalize and disambiguate organization data.

With over 600,000 Ringgold persistent identifiers and metadata records, Ringgold Identify Database is an industry leader, providing an expertly curated view of organization data to help stakeholders improve data. Learn more about Ringgold Solutions

CCC is committed to enabling flexibility and interoperability by serving as an ISNI registration agency.

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