ISNI Registration Agency

CCC is committed to enabling flexibility and interoperability by serving as an ISNI registration agency. The International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) is an ISO standard (ISO 27729) that identifies public identities of individuals and organizations. In support of broader interoperability, the ISNI is designed to act as a bridge identifier enabling the connection of any public or proprietary dataset. ISNI is an open identifier and may be freely shared under the ISNI Information License.

The ISNI standard was launched in 2010 and currently holds public records for more than 4.6 million researchers and research sector organizations. For more information about ISNI and the ISNI International Authority, please visit the ISNI website.

Ringgold became the first ISNI Registration Agency for organizations in May 2012 and has participated in the standardization of organizational identifiers since 2005. CCC releases ISNIs to all Ringgold Identify Database customers and to the general public.

Ringgold Identify Database includes over 600,000 Ringgold IDs for organizations with 99.6% having a corresponding ISNI ID. As new records are added to the Ringgold Identify Database, CCC will obtain new ISNI numbers from the ISNI Assignment Agency automatically.

Find the ISNI number for an organization

If you hold a license for the Ringgold Identify Database, or are an Audit Service customer, then you will see a field against each organizational record that includes the ISNI number for that record.

If you are not a Ringgold customer but would like to find the ISNI number for an organization please use our free Open ISNI for Organizations lookup service.

Alternatively, you can search for the organization on the ISNI website.

Can’t find the ISNI number for an organization?

As a registration agency, CCC provides organizations within the scholarly, academic and educational communities with properly registered ISNI numbers. To register a new ISNI for your organization, please contact Customer Service.

If you need to register an ISNI for an entity which is outside the scholarly, academic and educational communities, please contact one of the other ISNI registration agencies listed on the ISNI site for assistance.

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