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RightsCentral is a secure, web-based portal for publishers, authors and agents to manage their business with CCC. We enhance RightsCentral on a regular basis, addressing feedback from our participating publishers, authors, and agents.

Log into RightsCentral to:

  • Download title usage reports
  • View and manage your participation in CCC services
  • Review your permissions and fees
  • Set your fees within each service
  • Gain unified access to robust analytics across all CCC services, including RightsLink

Use the tools in RightsCentral to:

  • Increase efficiencies by viewing and updating your titles and fees online
  • Expand your business by enrolling your titles into new services
  • Gain immediate insight into which titles are in demand and how your titles are being re-used
  • Run custom royalty reports to understand trends, compare earnings by year, and more
  • Download royalty reports for allocating your payments

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