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Your people are your greatest asset. That’s why leading global companies are moving to Learning Content Management Solutions (LCMS) for improved content quality, greater consistency and better learning outcomes. Our Professional Services team can help you with LCMS strategy and solution development. 


To help a distributed workforce reach its highest potential, learning and development (L&D) professionals deploy a range of tools and software applications. Today, most are moving away from multiple, disparate tools in favor of holistic, comprehensive solution. L&D teams demand a broad set of integrated capabilities for flexible, multi-purpose, and agile learning content. And since most off-the-shelf learning management systems are designed with the needs of administrators in mindthey don’t address the growing demand for multi-author content collaboration, creation and assembly.  

We Can Help

Learning Content Management Solutions from CCC enable instructional designers and L&D professionals to assemble and deliver dynamic learning contentWhen customized to your organization’s unique needs, these solutions offer intuitive authoring interfaces and powerful content management capabilities. 


With Learning Content Management Solution from CCC, your organization could: 

  • Boost learning outcomes through rich, dynamic, and personalized content
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of course content and ensure compliance with copyright policy and adherence to quality standards
  • Enhance content discovery with semantic enrichment for easy search across all of your content assets
  • Streamline the content creation process with enhanced authoring, revision and review workflows
  • Manage rich media assets (audio, video, and HTML) to make learning more interactive and immersive
  • Unify content silos to make content more discoverable 
  • Enrich, link, chunk content to make it easier to find and reuse 
  • Distribute content in multiple formats across your preferred channels in one click 

Why Partner with CCC?

Our unique insight into delivering and managing organizational learning solutions is trusted by companies whose revenue depends upon the quality and efficacy of their learning delivery. Let’s talk. 

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