CCC, in partnership with SciBite, developed an integrated solution that makes it simple to license, access, enrich and index full-text XML articles on demand from a wide range of scientific publishers.

The combined power of RightFind XML for Mining and SciBite DOCstore provides users with the tools to:

  • Discover vital data and assertions. Through a broad corpus of normalized full-text content, unearth connections that can be found only in full text, and synthesize knowledge using powerful semantic search.
  • Save time and money. Spend more time on analysis and discovery and less time wrangling data sources and implementing technology. The fully hosted RightFind XML for Mining with DOCstore solution reduces time and costs associated with article licensing, content management, index creation and administration.
  • Simplify copyright compliance. All content in RightFind XML for Mining is pre-authorized for commercial text mining. This means peace of mind that text mining projects comply with copyright and minimize infringement risks.

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