Improve the Author Experience

As scholarly publishers diversify revenue streams due to changing market dynamics, it’s imperative they protect and strengthen relationships with influential and emerging authors. In addition, as the world of scholarly research gets increasingly competitive, publishers must seek creative, cost-effective ways to expand the range of services and deliver new offerings for their authors as a means to build loyalty and ensure a continuous stream of submissions.

Publishing in a prestigious journal is important to building an author’s brand, and authors must also find ways to build visibility for their research as funders and institutions look at new ways to assess research impact.

 Promotional Charges

  • Custom Covers
    • Give authors an opportunity to shine by placing an image or figure from an article on the cover of your journal
  • Author ePrints/Reprints
    • Scale your eprint and/or reprint business to give sales teams more time to focus on other strategic priorities

Publication Charges

  • Author Submissions
    • As business models shift, seamlessly integrate submission fees for manuscripts or supplemental materials into the author’s workflow
  • Page and Color Charges
    • Easily automate and scale the collection of page & color charges according to your print business strategy

CCC has deep expertise in creating market-driven ecommerce and workflow solutions. Our team is helping publishers, institutions and funders address the dramatic changes facing scholarly publishing, and our industry-leading work continues to set the pace for true business transformation. With RightsLink, the leading platform solution trusted around the world by dozens of publishers, 1000+ institutions, and thousands of authors, we leverage our first-hand experience collecting, managing, and reporting of core APCs to give you new opportunities to grow your transactional business.