Open Access Workflow Services

Plan S and other funder mandates have put pressure on publishers to define, manage, and measure institutional agreements in the move to full Open Access (OA). But with little guidance on how to build and support workflows, it’s challenging to make the move to an OA business, or to strengthen an existing OA program. Our customers cite these common blockers to their success:

  • Insufficient time to align internal and external stakeholders  
  • Incomplete or inaccessible data to help inform agreement strategy 
  • Limited insight into requirements and contract provisions that may be hard to operationalize
  • Difficulty navigating complicated terminology and stipulations 

Build and Scale Your Open Access Business Strategy

Open Access Workflow Services help publishers who are starting or expanding OA business strategies through institutional agreements but need subject matter expertise based on proven approaches. This comprehensive consulting practice provides strategic OA institutional agreement workflow support to publishers, funders, institutions, and other key stakeholders in the scholarly and communications ecosystem. 

Our consultants draw on first-hand experience with our market-leading RightsLink platform, which automates publisher OA agreements with more than 800 institutions and fundersis trusted by 30 leading publishers, and represents over 2,400 journals. We create OA solutions together with our clients through facilitated workshops, analysis of an organization’s current state, and evidence-based recommendations to change management and operational processes.

The Benefits of Open Access Workflow Services

We work with publishers and their partners to identify and implement strategies that:  

  • Accelerate progress with OA stakeholders  Through workshop facilitation among stakeholders, including institutional and funding partners, we can help you articulate current challenges and offer guidance and tools that lead to strategic, scalable institutional agreement workflows that benefit all stakeholders. 
  • Advance organizational objectives  By educating staff on the shifting market landscape and providing rich insight into institutional agreement workflow, we can work to get you “unstuck” using organizational audits, prioritized action plans, and roadmaps that support the creation and operationalizing of workflows to manage transformation. 
  • Improve workflow design — CCC’s workflow design experience with top publishers and institutions helps develop sustainable, adaptable workflows through analysis of supporting systems, data gaps, agreement attributes, and more.
  • Analyze and optimize metadata  Standardized, persistent metadata is a key component to successful, compliant institutional agreements. Through data compilation and analysis, youll learn whats working well, where there are gaps, and how to fine-tune your data to support your business strategy.  
  • Understand next steps through reporting and business analysis — Through data reviews and analysis, we suggest ways to analyze your agreement data and transform it into actionable business insights to support critical decision making.

Why Partner with CCC?

We have deep expertise in creating market-driven open access solutions since the early days of OA. Our team understands the dramatic changes facing scholarly publishing and our industry-leading work continues to set the pace for true business transformation.

Our RightsLink platform is trusted by over 30 publishers, over 800 institutions, and thousands of authors in more than 140 countries we leverage our first-hand experience in architecting institutional agreement workflows and bringing diverse stakeholders together to help you create scalable and sustainable business models.

Ready to Get Started?

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