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How RightFind Enterprise Facilitates Content Access Across the World for a Global Leader in Hygiene, Health and Nutrition

In the time of COVID-19, a healthier world is something we all can get behind, but for the 40,000+ global employees of one consumer goods company, it’s an everyday mission. A fast-moving multinational company, they are relentlessly focused on the personal health, wellness, and nourishment of their customers, and scientific excellence is at the heart of everything they do.

In a trend recognized by many R&D organizations, this consumer goods company has witnessed an increase in both internal and external sharing of information. Copyright Clearance Center’s licensing and RightFind solutions have supported the organization’s evolution, growing a strong
partnership over the past decade.

“During the past 10 years, the Library has grown from a handful of medical textbooks to a cross-functional, global, and primarily digital service,” the Head Librarian said. “I think one of the reasons why RightFind has become such a success here is because we have been able to make it work for us. We’ve adapted functionality to make the platform do what we want it to do. Crucially, our account team has allowed us to do that. RightFind doesn’t feel like just a system to us — we really feel like partners.”

Complex Compliance

“For most of our workflows, we end up needing multiple layers of permissions,” explained the librarian, “And users don’t always know what permissions they’ll need at the start of a project. Sometimes an article will start off being reviewed by a single scientist, but if it’s identified as an important innovation or safety alert then it will be shared across the business and might eventually be provided to healthcare professionals or even regulatory bodies. Our workflows involve us going back to RightFind for an additional permission, more often than not.”

Budget Management

“If you want a paper, you go to RightFind. In that sense, [the budget] is very centralized. But the pot of money? It is not centralized. Sometimes we want one big invoice that covers fifty users, but sometimes we need a separate invoice for just one person. The tracking fields on RightFind allow us to group users in ways that suit us.”

Mergers and Acquisitions

Over the years the company has grown by acquisition, but one merger was of a scale not seen by the Library before and affected them in new ways. The team quickly learned that their new colleagues were not used to having dedicated information service, and were thrilled at the prospect of having professional librarians to support them.

“Our approach was they should have completely equitable treatment to our long-standing members of staff, and we should roll out our systems and our training to them,” she said. “I actually got on a plane and went to deliver RightFind training directly to them — which was a great adventure for me!”

Thanks to the success of that merger, RightFind is now part of onboarding for all new employees joining departments where content access is necessary.

“If people join certain key departments — like medical, for example — in their induction pack, one of the first things they’re told to do is get access to RightFind. It’s considered to be a really key platform.”

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