Case Study

How Promoting Intellectual Property with RightFind Enterprise Fosters Innovation at Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical has seen a 200+% increase in the number employees requesting content since the launch of RightFind, proving it successful at accelerating research and supporting their goal of developing intellectual property.

As the leading ink and pigment company in the world, Sun Chemical’s commitment to fostering innovation includes ongoing growth through strategic acquisitions. Those acquisitions, as well as the global nature of Sun Chemical’s business and need to be in close proximity to their customers, has led to a decentralized approach to manufacturing and R&D. This poses compliance and content workflow challenges for Sun Chemical’s IP department whose goal is to create, protect and exploit the company’s intellectual property (IP), while respecting and promoting the IP of others.

To help address copyright compliance, navigate the different laws from country to country, provide ongoing training and resources, and facilitate global access to content for the company’s growing number of employees, Sun Chemical enlisted Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)’s licensing and RightFind Enterprise software solutions.

While each individual may only have about five or six key publications they regularly follow in a given year, as a collective whole, it would be prohibitively expensive to have 100+ company licenses to account for all the publications. In addition, it would have been such an administrative nightmare to keep track of those hundreds of license agreements, so CCC hits that sweet spot for us.

—Howard Lee, Senior IP Counsel, Sun Chemical

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