Case Study

Future-Ready Content Management for an International Multimedia Organization

Tax Analysts supplies tax news and analysis daily to a global audience. Legacy technology and processes hindered their product development and content delivery.

CCC partnered with Tax Analysts on an intensive 6-week Discovery Process to capture how Tax Analysts creates, acquires, enriches, reviews and publishes content in order to create a strategic roadmap to achieve future business goals.

At a strategic level, Tax Analysts needed to transform the company’s overall approach to content management. The leadership wanted to use semantic enrichment and content relationship modeling to improve content navigation, make new features and services more visible, and simplify the assembly of content products.

CCC worked with the Tax Analysts team to design an end-to-end editorial content management system (CMS) to streamline and simplify Tax Analysts content processes. In addition to addressing the company’s immediate content and editorial requirements, the CMS was designed to support future growth.

This CMS has helped Tax Analysts address business technology challenges in ways that will enable us to more easily adapt to changing business needs and increase the value that we bring to our customers.

—Michael Berkeley, Chief Technology Officer, Tax Analysts

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