Register a Copyright

When you produce an original work, such as a book, an article, a song or a design, your work is automatically protected under U.S. copyright law from the moment you create it. However, registering your copyright does offer certain legal benefits, and registration is required in order for a U.S. citizen or resident to file suit for infringement.

Register a copyright for your work through the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright Education

To learn about the basics of copyright law and the exclusive rights of copyright holders, visit theĀ Learn section of to register for an upcoming webinar, watch a brief video, listen to podcasts for content creators, and read a basic overview of U.S. copyright law.

License Your Content

Your copyright-protected material may be of tremendous value to others. Licensing solutions from Copyright Clearance Center make it easy for you to authorize the use of your content according to your terms and conditions, and to generate royalties for those uses.

Visit Rights Central to learn about your licensing options and to access helpful tools to manage your licensing activities with Copyright Clearance Center.