Seize New Opportunities to Digitally Transform Your Business

Copyright Clearance Center and its subsidiaries have decades of expertise in building systems that address the most pressing business challenges. Through our strategic approach to digital transformation, we have created innovation solutions in content storage, metadata, content agility, discoverability, and collaboration. Our success is rooted in our collaborative approach to working with publishers and organizations that utilize scientific and scholarly content.

We are listening. We want to collaborate with you to help address your challenges. Our lean and agile approach to discoveries is proven to produce successful results in days-to-weeks leading to robust solutions to help you seize emerging opportunities.

Rights Licensing. Content Delivery. Software. Professional Services.

CCC listens to your specific needs, and delivers the solutions that work best for you.

Solutions for Publishers

Operate More Efficiently.

Many publishers enjoy cost savings through CCC’s automated business systems to process content and permissions transactions, as well as Open Access-related author charges. Our publishing platform also provides huge efficiencies in the content creation, management, distribution and publication workflow process.

Drive New Revenue.

We unleash greater opportunities for you to grow by connecting businesses and academic institutions seamlessly to your content and reuse rights. With CCC, you can instantly expand your content reach across every industry around the world and every academic audience, from K-12 to universities.

Accelerate Digital Transformation.

Your content is your most valuable asset. To maximize the lifetime value of that content, agility is critical. We listen to your specific needs and develop a strategic approach to your digital transformation with solutions in content storage, metadata, content agility, discoverability and collaboration to help you get the most from your intellectual property and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Solutions for Businesses

We help organizations drive growth by reinventing the way they derive value from data and content. With our extensive expertise in professional services, we’ve helped companies leverage people, process and technology to:

  • Bring new products to market more rapidly, so corporations can lead and innovate in their markets
  • Maximize the value of content and technology investments to drive new revenue
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Unify disparate systems and eliminate data silos
  • Help people navigate vast amounts of data to discover actionable insights

RightFind® Solutions

The Content You Need – Anywhere, Anytime. 

Provide employees with fast, easy access to the high-value copyrighted information they need in a single platform. RightFind content workflow solutions integrate seamlessly with CCC’s licenses and your subscriptions, saving money by accelerating the flow of research and streamlining your information management operations.

RightFind® Navigate

Maximize the ROI of your digital information investment

RightFind Navigate unifies data sources within an open integration ecosystem to maximize the value of an organization’s digital information assets and enable knowledge workers with contextualized discovery to find the right information at the right time.

Why CCC?

  • $1.7 Billion distributed to rightsholders in the last 10 years
  • 40 years of information industry expertise
  • Named one of “10 to Watch” in Open Access by Outsell
  • We serve content users across every industry around the world