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As users demand more efficient and effective ways of working with standards, new business models are emerging.

Digital transformation of the standards sector has massive potential for change, yet this effort can introduce new challenges, including how to address evolving intellectual property needs. The ISO/IEC SMART standards initiative, for example, has ramifications across the industry as it seeks to model the way forward.

On 4 May, at 11:00 AM EDT, CCC is hosting a free webcast as part of our “Workflow of the Future” series, focusing on Sustainable Business Models for Standards Development Organizations. This program gives standards development organizations (SDOs) an opportunity to share their views on supporting new user demands while delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that work for everyone. In discussion with moderator Jonathan Clark, panelists include:

This multi-part Workflow of the Future webcast series, with support from the US International Trade Administration, was designed to facilitate important conversations on critical topics related to standards, particularly related to intellectual property protection, copyright, and sustainability.


Author: Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson has been a Principal Consultant with CCC since 2012. He has helped clients make informed investment decisions for significant content management system implementations. He has worked with the delivery of content and information systems for over 30 years including in senior roles in publishing and related industries in UK, Europe, USA and South East Asia across multiple domains including food research, trade magazines and directories, defence, Standards, and shipping.
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