“In almost every position in today’s world, decisions are made based on compiling and analyzing data and implementing strategies based on the data findings. In my world, there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not doing something with data.” – Stephen Howe, Analytics Starts with a Question: How to Better Understand Your Data

Copyright Clearance Center is excited to share the Winter 2023 edition of the “Data Management Must-Reads” series – a thoughtfully curated selection of important articles from the past few months that expound upon “can’t miss” developments in the world of data.

How does data impact your company’s mission?

Just as your business has a mission statement, Lauren Maffeo argues in Your Big Data Needs a Mission Statement that it’s crucial to identify how your company’s use of data affects its overall mission. Lauren is the author of “Data Governance from the Ground Up“, which I highly recommend.

Creating a data governance roadmap

Data governance is a fundamental capability that companies of all sizes should develop in this era of “Big Data”. In order to do so, it’s helpful to have a roadmap. The article Data Governance Frameworks describes how to go about building a foundation for governing data in your enterprise.

Handling Metadata

Among the key pieces of any data management strategy is a how to handle metadata. Creating and Implementing a Metadata Strategy ties overall data governance practices to metadata management.

Increasing the value of enterprise data

Even the IEEE Computer Society weighs in on the importance of data governance in Enterprise Data Management: Benefits, Challenges, and Strategy.

The problem with low data literacy

No matter how well an organization manages its data, if its employees don’t have a solid handle on how best to use data to advance business goals, the effort will be for naught. Data Literacy and Analytics: Where Do They Intersect? underlines the problems that occur when data literacy is low and how to develop a data-driven organization culture.

Data quality is key

Data quality is another key aspect of data, so I would be remiss not to point out the preprint of an article from my CCC colleagues, Robin Bramley, Stephen Howe, and Haralambos Marmanis Notes on the data quality of bibliographic records from the MEDLINE database.

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Author: Glenn Street

Glenn Street is data architect at CCC. He has over twenty-five years of working with data and databases, in healthcare, telecommunications, credit, and publishing-related companies. His interests now unite his undergraduate degree in philosophy and its intersection with computer science.
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