The scientific truth behind any story is two-fold: the spin and the personality. The secret is truly in the sauce. 

Our individual stories are nonlinear, esoteric, and incredibly descriptive. We have all evolved from a version of our past selves, and the most recent year or two have certainly added complexity and depth to each tale.   

Storytelling is a form of data management and data collection, and no one has the exact recipe to construct anyone else’s tale. We collect and manage our data, or ingredients, our own way. The secret sauce is internally crafted, as we experience trials, tribulations, and hit major milestones. 2020 has introduced challenges none of us have ever before endured at once: a global pandemic, historic death tolls, and a turbulent, unstable economy to name a few. Total recovery from the present will be long fought, and more than ever before are people attuned to the upcoming election season, as the next elected leader of the United States of America will shoulder the strategy development the country needs to both derive a vaccine to COVID-19 and re-imagine economic development across various industry areas. 

These times are part of the collective story for us all. And yet, we still are the chefs of our own masterpieces, refining our sauce as the stories continue to boil and brew. Even amidst trying, unprecedented times, we all have the power to direct the spin and enhance the personality of each tale. 

We are all storytellers in our own right, on our terms and in this time. The science of this craft indeed an artform, and art that nearly assures that no two tales are the same.  

The complexity of the craft itself is what makes storytelling beautifully bold. Never be afraid to tell your tale on your terms, with your own ingredients. Make history on your terms with every word and through every experience.  

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Author: Talia Stinson

Talia Adell Stinson is a freelance writer and project manager based in Philadelphia, PA. In her near 15-year career, she has worked in local government, the nonprofit sector, and in the private sector in Philadelphia. Her professional background includes research, technology project management, data analysis, and writing. Find her on LinkedIn at or Instagram @storytellingwithtalia. 
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