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Article reprints and ePrints are an essential revenue stream for publishers, but the resources needed to respond to pricing inquiries and manage printing, delivery, and billing for both routine and more complex requests create significant operational burdens. A lack of a dedicated staff and systems to effectively manage your reprints business could negatively impact customer satisfaction, productivity, and lead to lost revenue.

CCC developed Reprints Services for Publishers to help alleviate this strain and manage your organization’s reprint and ePrint process, saving you valuable time and resources while delivering greater value to your customers.

Some Considerations

Think about the current state of your organization’s reprints operation and consider the following:

  • What challenges do you currently face in fulfilling reprints requests?

□   Incoming requests for bulk article reprints and ePrints are resource-intensive

□   Lack of dedicated staff and processes to manage incoming inquiries

□   Routine article requests with little revenue contributions get overlooked

□   Communication with our printing partner is poor

□   Obtaining and providing status updates on proofs, printing and shipping is time consuming

□   Difficulty with delivery

□   Difficulty with billing

□   Current outsourced reprints service is poor

□   All the above

Do any of the challenges above hit home for you? Are you handling reprint and ePrint inquiries alone or with part-time staff? Is your team being pulled away from essential work to chase down orders, field customer questions, and deal with billing issues? Are you getting the articles your customers need to them quickly enough? Are you effectively tracking how well your reprints operation is performing? CCC can help.

Protect Reprints Business While Reducing Expenses

CCC’s Reprints Services for Publishers provides the full-service management of bulk article reprints, ePrints, and permission requests. Simply set pricing and provide CCC’s reprints team with electronic access to requested content, and from there our experienced team handles everything from responding to the customer’s initial inquiry to handling final invoicing. The team also takes care of customer support, production, delivery, and billing.

Want to learn how you can cut operational costs, respond rapidly to customers and more effectively monitor your reprints business? Learn more here and contact us with any questions. My team and I are happy to help.

Author: Tracy Forrester

Tracy Forrester is the manager of reprint operations with CCC. She comes from a background in library & information services and has been supporting reprints customers for close to 20 years. She provides services and systems for delivery and distribution of bulk reprints, ePrints and permissions to customers worldwide. Tracy manages a US-based team of reprints specialists and works with global production teams and publishers to provide valuable content to customers through best quality practices with time and cost savings.
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