At CCC, as hard as we work to provide best-in-class products, we work just as hard to back those up with top-notch service. Because we know that high-quality customer experience is key to building client trust and confidence in our solutions.
Recently we sat down with Jeanne Brewster, one of CCC’s Customer Account Specialists, and asked her about her background and work experience, as well as her perspective on making the CCC Customer Experience the best it can be in each and every interaction.

  • Provide some background on yourself – how long have you worked at CCC? Where were you previously? What’s your role at CCC? Fun fact about yourself?

I have worked here at CCC for 34 years. Previously, I worked at Children’s Hospital, and also at Loomis Sayles, and Delphi Capital Management – in other words, investment firms. For fun, I collect ceramic ostrich knicknacks, seashells, and I especially enjoy finding sea glass. Also, I love birdwatching —I am a member of the Essex County Ornithological Club. You asked for a fun fact about me— well, I lived in France for three years and then in Germany for several more years. I love traveling outside of the US, and have visited at least a dozen countries in several regions of the world.

  • What does good customer service mean to you?

To me, it means asking myself the following questions: Are you sure you understood what the customer perceives the problem to be? And then, go the next step: Are you sure you understood what the customer wants as a solution?  If not, keep trying to clarify the issue. Only once you have really understood both of these questions can you go ahead and come up with an answer which should meet their real, underlying need. Basically, and in my experience, actively listening is the key to great customer service. Promises that you keep are foundational to great  customer service.  If you keep your promises, you will earn the trust of the customer, and they will come back and do more business with you.

  • Tell us about another company you think provides exceptional customer service.

Eversource. I was on Cape Cod when three tornados hit, and the Eversource crews were amazing at how quickly they got the power back. They worked as a team with the homeowners, taking care of fallen trees and removing stray branches from the utility wires.  Their communication to their customers during those crucial early hours was outstanding. Their promise of when the power would come back on was exactly on time.

  • What’s one of your favorite things about working at CCC?

The people. I have always loved the closeness and support you get both in a personal and professional manner from everyone.

Author: Dave Davis

Dave Davis joined CCC in 1994 and currently serves as a research consultant. He previously held directorships in both public and corporate libraries and earned joint master’s degrees in Library and Information Sciences and Medieval European History from Catholic University of America. He is the owner/operator of Pyegar Press, LLC.
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