As part of our series featuring the Customer Experience Team at CCC, we had a chance to catch up with Christine Zoro, who has been with our organization since 2012.

  • Provide some background on yourself – how long have you worked at CCC? Where were you previously? What’s your role at CCC? Fun fact about yourself?

I have worked at CCC for more than six years now. Previously, I worked at Getty Images (Pump Audio) as a music researcher selecting music from our library to accompany internal and external ads, commercials, and so forth. I also worked as a freelancer producing, researching and hosting public affairs programs for PAX (ion) Television, as a morning show host at FM station WKZE, and in several other positions. I am originally from Long Island via Dutchess County via Woodstock, NY.  Yes, that Woodstock.

Fun fact? OK – I lived in England for three and a half years and worked in HR at Sainsbury’s in North Finchley (a suburb of London) and I love Indian food. Also, my sister and I were born on the same date exactly two years apart.

  • What does good customer service mean to you?

Two words: active listening . . . in other words, providing realistic expectations and empathy, while understanding that sometimes you need to let a person vent and strive not to take it personally. In my role as Customer Account Specialist, we are constantly taking calls, chats and emails regarding the full spectrum of CCC services. We work with people across the spectrum in all stages. It could be a publisher or other rightsholder, a scientist, a student, a doctor, anyone and everyone. We receive over 200 chats, emails and calls a day in Customer Service. We are assisting people on our platforms and also instructing them what CCC does, the importance of copyright, why we do what we do. We also support our internal teams.”

  • Tell us about another company you think provides exceptional customer service.

Perhaps you will be surprised: It was Hertz. My story is: JetBlue had an issue — we never really found out much about it — which caused them to cancel our flights from Jacksonville to NY. We were supposed to leave Florida on Saturday and, because of the issue, we couldn’t leave until the following Tuesday and that was only if we got to Orlando, yada yada yada… Needless to say, there were some tense moments involving switching, swapping flights, finding a hotel and returning the rental. During all this, the Hertz staff were incredible and waived any fees that might otherwise have come through for not returning the car back to the airport and delivering it instead to a satellite location in Orlando.

What’s one of your favorite things about working at CCC?

As our organization is a global company, the staff of the customer service department reflects our audience; it really is a true representation of the diversity of our clients!  The Customer Service Department has folks working remotely across the globe and at home base in Danvers, Massachusetts, now 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I had an instance where I needed to be (effectively) in two places at the same time. Long story short— my parents live 7 hours away in Pennsylvania; and they are each managing some serious health issues. Recently, I asked my manager for some flexibility in my location to allow me to be present for them. The result was that I was able to work remotely from Pennsylvania so I could be available to my parents, while continuing to contribute as a regular, full-time member of our team. That sort of anecdote tells you a lot about why so many of us consider CCC to be such a great, supportive workplace.

Author: Dave Davis

Dave Davis joined CCC in 1994 and currently serves as a research consultant. He previously held directorships in both public and corporate libraries and earned joint master’s degrees in Library and Information Sciences and Medieval European History from Catholic University of America. He is the owner/operator of Pyegar Press, LLC.
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