Let’s talk about some of the 2021 research and development spending trends we’re seeing across industries

It’s easy to see that R&D spend is increasing across industrieswhile at the same time, the amount of scientific information being published is acceleratingAnd whether you’re an individual researcher working on a one-off project, or you’re looking to purchase scientific articles over time for your organization, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing STM articles from a document delivery provider

CCC delivers an annual 1.7 million documents every year, so we know a thing or two to look out for. We recommend asking yourself the following:

Will I know my rights if I choose to collaborate with others using this article? 

Taking the guesswork out of copyright will help ensure you’re staying compliant, while also letting you focus on your most important task: the research at hand. Be sure the source you’ve chosen to work with gives you details about the rights you have access to. 

If your use case requires additional rights, such as digital sharing and storing within your organization, photocopying and sharing within your organization, responsive rights, or including in a regulatory submission, Copyright Clearance Center has licensing options that make it easy within your existing workflow.  

Am I selecting/choosing the most comprehensive document delivery resource available? 

When choosing where to get articles for your research, you’ll want to be sure you are utilizing the most comprehensive resource available. Supplemental data, which can include raw data, graphics, videos, graphics and more, can provide valuable insights beyond an article, but they won’t always be available through every document delivery provider. 

Our advice? Look for a provider that features a request tool for those added-value supplementary materials. 

How long will it take to receive the article I want

Time equals money when it comes to research, so receiving an article in the quickest turnaround time possible is always a priority. Not all articles are available instantly, but a source with strong publisher relationships can quickly find the article you need or acquire the rights for your intended use.

If I need additional help, is there an easy way to get it? 

When you need additional help, there are few things worse than dealing with a bad customer service experience.

Good customer service should not only be pleasant to interact with, it should also be simple and effortless,” said CCC’s Tom Ogier, who won the 2020 Best in Biz Award for Customer Service Executive of the Year. “An effective support representative should intuitively understand customers’ challenges and offer useful suggestions that not only solve problems but enhance value.”

So how can you look for clues that your customer service experience will meet your expectations? Start with 24/7 customer support teams that are available not only by email, but also by phone and chat, so you can get answers regardless of what time zone you’re operating in. 

Interested in purchasing an article? Document delivery with RightFind provides you with access to 140 million + citations, including 3 million+ open access articles,  anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Author: Adam Churchill

Adam Churchill is a Product Solutions Manager for CCC, responsible for Document Delivery with RightFind. Adam offers experience working with customers at every level, understanding the problems they're trying to solve, and working with them to achieve the outcomes they desire. Before joining CCC, he was the Director of Online products at UIE and Director of Customer Contact for Valspar. Adam graduated from Salem State College and lives in Danvers, Massachusetts--almost in the shadow of CCC's corporate headquarters--with his wife and two daughters.
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