While small biotechs and emerging life science companies differ greatly from their larger counterparts in many ways, they also have a lot in common when it comes to their information management challenges. In fact, some of these challenges are felt even more acutely in smaller organizations given their relative lack of personnel and access to resources.

As an example, many smaller companies don’t have a dedicated librarian or information manager.  In such cases, the traditional tasks of this role end up being performed by individuals in research, medical affairs, or legal, further burdening individuals whose plates are already full given their long list of primary responsibilities.

Information Challenges Facing Biotechs 

Some of the main information management challenges facing smaller companies include:

  • Lack of awareness of available information resources, hindering discoverability
  • Siloed data and content causing users to miss vital insights discoverable at the intersections of information
  • Limited content budgets due to the inability to tie scientific literature spending to the ROI of bringing new products to market
  • The need to support unique workflows and information needs that scale as the organization’s information needs grow
  • The need to maintain copyright compliant collaboration

Thankfully for organizations facing such challenges, there’s help.  Copyright Clearance Center offers a scalable solution, called RightFind Navigate, designed to unify the discovery of diverse types of content all in one place, regardless of the size of the organization.  This can include scientific literature, clinical trial data, global patents, and more.

Breaking Down Information Silos

RightFind Navigate breaks down the inefficiencies caused by information silos, allowing users to explore the relationships between different types of data through dynamic visualizations, helping to reveal connections that may otherwise have been missed to help accelerate innovation.

Through its seamless integration with the award-winning content and data solution RightFind Enterprise, Navigate unifies high value scientific literature, including subscriptions, open access content, and the organization’s own collections. It also includes millions of global patents and critical public data sources that span the spectrum of the research lifecycle. In short, this solution improves the discoverability of content by helping researchers find relevant content more quickly and easily.

Strengthening Copyright Compliance

RightFind Navigate strengths copyright compliant collaboration to drive innovation, while also supporting the unique workflows of diverse users across the organization, whether they’re in R&D, medical affairs, competitive intelligence, legal, regulatory, or other functional areas. Organizations can easily integrate this solution with the applications their users value most through a robust selection of RESTful APIs, OpenURL links, QuickCheck bookmarklets, an easily embedded search widget, and a Chrome extension to quickly request content from PubMed, Google Scholar, and more.

Additionally, through its seamless integration with RightFind Enterprise’s powerful reporting tools, organizations can gain insight into their content usage to better understand the ROI of their scientific literature purchases, helping them make more informed content investments.

Scalability as Your Organization Grows

As part of Copyright Clearance Center’s RightFind suite of products, Navigate includes access to a robust catalog of more than 120 million citations and 2.5 million open access articles when combined with RightFind Enterprise.  As a fully scalable SaaS solution, RightFind Navigate can easily scale as the organization’s content needs grow by adding licensed third-party data sources as well as repositories of the organization’s own internally created proprietary content.

We invite you to learn more how RightFind Navigate can help small biotechs and emerging life science companies address their information management challenges.

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Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) is a leading information solutions provider to organizations around the world. With deep domain expertise in copyright, technology, content, PIDs, FAIR data principles, metadata, and more, CCC works to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge, and power innovation. CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect help organizations harness the power of data, AI, and machine learning to drive strategic decision-making, grow their businesses, and gain competitive advantage.
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