We know what copyright and licensing look like in 2021 – its current strengths and benefits for creators and users, as well as the challenges, pressure points and friction zones between supporters and detractors. How will the landscape look in 2030 and will it be significantly different? Will some of today’s challenges have been resolved by then? Will new ones emerge?

An online event organized by the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO) and programmed by CCC will aim to answer these questions on 14 October at noon CEST – Deadline 2030: The Shape of Things to Come, will feature three outstanding speakers with extensive experience and insight into copyright: 

  •  Ted Shapiro, Partner, Wiggin, Brussels
  • Ang Kwee Tiang, SVP, Asia Public Policy, Universal Music Group
  • Silke von Lewinski, Senior Research Fellow, Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition. 

Moderated by CCC President & CEO Tracey Armstrong, topics will include what copyright and licensing will look like by decade’s end, the impact of the pandemic, the new demands from the education and research sectors, the ways in which rightsholders can keep providing value while making sure their rights are respected, the role of technology platforms, the impact of AI/blockchain, and the future of collective licensing. 

The panel is the first of three 60-minute online symposia that form this year’s IFRRO’s International Conference, Copyright & Collective Licensing: New Demands in the New Decade. The other events will take place 10 November and 2 December.  

Author: Victoriano Colodrón

Victoriano Colodrón is senior director of international relations at CCC, where he manages relationships with sister organizations in other countries. With a university degree in romance philology from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Victoriano started his career in Spain working at the National Library and the Ministry of Culture. He tweets on copyright and publishing at @vcolodron.
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