Republication License Enrollment

Getting permission to reuse previously published content in new or republished titles can be labor intensive, slow and inefficient. In response, CCC has enhanced its Republication Service to simplify the granting of permissions. This enhanced service gives you the pricing flexibility and automation you need to manage this important, revenue-generating part of your business.

To enroll in this enhanced license, please follow these steps:

1. Complete and submit the Republication fee schedule

To assist you in setting and testing your pricing rules, we have developed a web-based calculator, which is available here. (Note: this is optimized for Mozilla Firefox)
To use the Calculator, fill out the pricing scenarios (Steps 1-3), use Step 4 to verify your prices and then click the Generate Fee Schedule button.
Review the Fee Schedule and once you are happy with your fees, print it, sign it and return a physical or scanned copy to your account manager.
If you have any questions, email your account manager at

2. Include a list of current titles and provide us with instructions about which titles to include in the enhanced Republication Service.

If you need multiple pricing tiers (for example, one for your books and one for your journals), please submit and label multiple fee schedules respectively.