Share Content

From learning management systems to e-reserves, technology continues to change the way faculty, researchers, staff, and students share information both in class and in remote instruction. CCC’s content and licensing solutions for academic institutions make it easy to share published content in print and digital format while respecting the intellectual property of others.

The Annual Copyright License for Higher Education is a single, multi-use license that provides faculty, researchers, staff, and students campus-wide—whether in class or at home—with the copyright permissions they need to reuse articles and excerpts from millions of titles of copyrighted content, such as magazine articles, newspaper articles, book excerpts, poems, blogs, and more in learning management systems, e-reserves, classroom handouts, campus-wide email, and administrative email, and more.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction eases the burden of obtaining one-off copyright permissions for core and supplemental texts used for K-12 instruction, as well as educational applications and services. The license provides a broad repertory of print or digital rights that enable the reuse and distribution of excerpts of high-quality content in K-12 curriculum and instructional materials, educational technology (ed tech) applications, and online platforms. 

CCC’s Pay-Per-Use Services on Marketplace provide quick and easy single-use rights licensing options for faculty, researchers, students and staff at academic institutions to use and share content from the world’s leading titles in science, technology, medicine, news, finance and more.