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Meeting the Needs of Emerging Life Science Companies with RightFind

The ability to seek, discover, and access scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature is vital to the success of an emerging life science organization. But often the lack of a centralized information center due to limited time and resources presents significant barriers to retrieving and collaborating with content.

Examples of how published content supports your Life Sciences business

A Senior Research Scientist stores articles related to the early phase research for a new product on a team site for a collaborative review of existing literature by team members.

A Regulatory Submission Manager submits copies of articles to government agencies where required as part of a regulatory filing.

An Intellectual Property Attorney submits articles as supporting documentation with a patent application for a new product.

A Medical Science Liaison provides a copy of an article to a healthcare provider in response to an unsolicited medical information request. They may also include articles cited in the proprietary materials the medical communications group creates.

Customer success story

[With our current solution], we have one portal where we get our articles from, and our scientists don't need to think about [compliance.] This is all built into the system.

Frank Rebers Director of the Project Management Office, Genmab

2020 Information Seeking and Consumption Study

For knowledge workers in Life Sciences, using content is essential for collaboration and is a driving force in the R&D process. Given the imperative to drive new products through the pipeline to industrial and consumer markets as quickly as possible, the behaviors and attitudes of professionals in Life Sciences around content use and sharing have shifted over time as they seek to establish a competitive edge in an ever-changing landscape. As a result of the pandemic, 2020 also triggered dramatic changes to where and how employees engage and collaborate with published content.