The clinical development team at a fast-moving medical device company supports various stages of their products’ life cycles, including identification of clinical and customer needs, research and market analysis, product and program launch, implementation and management, and post-market surveillance.

The team works across various areas of the business to drive projects from concept to clinical implementation. It’s no surprise, getting these breakthrough products and technologies to market for its customers around the world requires access to a vast amount of scientific, technical and medical (STM) journal articles.

Think about when their team of medical writers draft Clinical Evaluation Reports that go along with applications for approval to sell the company’s products in the European Union. They must conduct extensive literature searches to gain insightful information about the use of their products and other products on the market.

In the past, each time a team member wanted access to an article, they would have to reach out to the clinical development group to make the request. Then, someone in that group would order the article through the publisher’s website. As the company grew, so did the number of requests for articles and it became an untenable situation. The clinical development team manager said requests were coming in so quickly, it was difficult to handle them in a timely manner. As a result, she knew she needed to update their process for acquiring—and managing the reuse of —articles, so they could easily be found by other team members without assistance. This led her to RightFind Enterprise from CCC.

“RightFind Enterprise gives us the ability to get access to articles right away and select which level of rights we need for the literature,” the clinical development team manager said. “Being able to set up specific requirements for different Clinical Development teams made the RightFind Enterprise solution more customizable than just a database.”

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