A provider of cloud-based enterprise software solutions to thousands of organizations worldwide needed more efficient processes to create and update customer education and training assets. They turned to CCC.

The company’s course design team grew to over 150 designers and each course designer saved hundreds of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint course files, some over several hundred pages long, to various storage systems (Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive, and device drives), causing discoverability and other issues.

To address this challenge, the company imported its course files into a content management system. While this created a centralized storage system for all the documents, they needed more powerful ways to index the documents and segments of content within each document to make everything easy to find. By integrating the company’s database with a learning content management solution (LCMS), CCC created the right solution to fit their specific needs.

With the new LCMS fully deployed, the company accelerated the time to deliver training materials to customers. Designers also reduced the percentage of time spent during each project on finding and recreating existing content from 80% down to 20%.

“Before deploying the LCMS, the client’s design team often spent 80% of their time searching for content, and just 20% creating it. We flipped that ratio after deploying the customized LCMS solution.”

Ian Synge Principal Consultant at Copyright Clearance Center

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