Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) worked with the IT leadership team at DK to develop custom content platform and search interface to enable powerful granular content discovery.

The DK team was unhappy with the slow speed, non-intuitive interface and limited search capabilities of their original product store. It ran an outdated version of Documentum document management software that could not display relationships between content products.

Workflow processes were not documented or audited, leading to inconsistencies, unpredictable request delivery, unclear project statuses and overall user frustration. Additionally, system limitations lead to costly inefficiencies in product assembly, delays in time-to-market, and difficulties in filling customer demand.

CCC collaborated with DK to build the new DK Product Archive, a cloud-based custom application used by internal teams to manage archived content. The Product Archive system allows production and creative teams to archive content, store updates and corrections with the source material and reuse content for new products. The DK Product Archive boasts enhanced discoverability, consistent workflows, improved analytics, and improved cost control.

Not only did CCC deliver on time, they went above and beyond the initial scope of the project. Our users and stakeholders have felt involved in the process since day one, building close working relationship with the CCC team something that shows in their eagerness to get their hands on the finished product!

Peter Buckley Technology Director, Dorling Kindersley

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