Deliver Content

Increased demand for digital content is creating new business opportunities and challenging the publishing world to respond. Business users and academic library patrons expect to access content wherever and whenever they choose. That’s why CCC offers a range of content access options that help publishers reach target audiences, improve customer satisfaction, gain insight through usage data and analytics, and boost revenues.

  • RightsLink puts content rental and purchase options directly at the point of content on a publisher’s website for immediate and effortless content access.
  • RightFind Enterprise complements the annual copyright license by helping researchers find, access and share publisher content quickly, ensuring compliance with a company’s copyright policy.
  • Reprints Services for Publishers provides the full-service management of bulk article reprints, ePrints, and permission requests, saving you valuable time and resources while delivering greater value to your customers.
  • Get It Now provides students and faculty with immediate 24/7 access to unsubscribed journal content when ILL library services may not be available.

All of CCC’s content services are designed to expand the publisher’s reach while making it easier for users to get the content they need. Let us put your high-value content in the hands of thousands of business and academic users around the world.