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CCC’s Pay-Per-Use Services, available on Marketplace, provide quick-and-easy rights licensing options for corporations and universities to use and share content from the world’s leading titles in science, technology, medicine, humanities, news, business, finance and more.

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Overview of CCC’s licensing services

Millions of people in businesses, universities, law firms and government agencies rely on CCC to use and share published content with ease and confidence. CCC offers annual copyright licenses and pay-per-use licensing services to meet the diverse needs of organizations and institutions of every size and shape.

For Businesses

CCC’s licensing and permissions services enable corporations of all sizes to use and share information with colleagues, partners, clients and others-around the corner or around the world. Get permission to:

  • Photocopy an article from a newspaper, magazine, book, journal, research report or other published document
  • E-mail an online article or PDF
  • Post digital content on your corporate website, intranet and extranet
  • Print out Web-based and other digital content onto paper and overhead slides
  • Republish content in a newsletter, book or journal
  • Scan printed material into digital form when an electronic version is not readily available

For Academic Institutions

Faculty and staff at more than a thousand institutions license content through CCC for coursepacks, e-reserves, course management systems, interlibrary loan and other classroom and educational uses. Get permission to:

  • Photocopy material from books, newspapers, journals and other publications for use in coursepacks and classroom handouts
  • Use and share information in library reserves, interlibrary loan and document delivery services
  • Post and share content electronically in e-reserves, learning management systems, e-coursepacks and other e-learning environments
  • Distribute content via e-mail or post it to your intranet, Internet and extranet sites
  • Republish an article, book excerpt or other content in your own books, journals, newsletters and other materials

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