Meeting the Needs of Food & Agriculture Companies with RightFind

With rising material and ingredient costs, food companies must make up for lost margins with investment in new products, new ingredients, or new ways of using existing ingredients to meet emerging consumer trends. Without fast, secure access to vital published content, R&D teams in the fast-paced, highly regulated food industry cannot do their jobs efficiently, slowing the pace of innovation and risking a competitive edge.

RightFind Enterprise is an award-winning content workflow solution used by top global food companies to streamline access to scientific information, support regulatory filings, and drive research. By consolidating multiple content workflows, centralizing content purchases and reporting, and leveraging flexible cost controls in a scalable solution, organizations can save time and increase efficiency. RightFind Enterprise also integrates seamlessly with CCC’s copyright licenses to make copyright-compliant collaboration easier. The result? You accelerate the flow of research, minimize risk of copyright infringement, and drive faster discovery to power innovation.

RightFind Enterprise Benefits:

  • Streamline access to scientific literature (145 million+ citations and 4 million+
    open access articles) to increase research efficiency
  • Simplify copyright compliance
  • Integrate into your user’s preferred tools to optimize their content workflows
  • Gain powerful insights into content usage to make data-driven content
    acquisition decisions
  • Set flexible options for cost controls and billing to save money

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