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Scholarly Publishing Through the Brexit Lens

Tuesday 12 March 2019

The nature and even timing of Britain’s exit from the European Union remain unclear. Yet one can confidently predict that Brexit will mean dramatic changes for the UK’s scholarly publishing community. For the researchers whose contributions drive content into society journals and high IF journals alike, Brexit will rewrite rules governing partnerships with European colleagues as well as access to resources available for research. For publishers, shifts in long-established editorial and business practices raise questions that will require ample patience for risk and uncertainty over the short and medium-term. What challenges should you prepare for? What opportunities may lie ahead? What will Brexit mean to the transition to Open Access? The panel will explore the many possible directions Brexit may lead publishing in 2019 and after.


Tim Britton, Springer Nature Petra Labriga, Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) Hugh Logue, Outsell Simon Ross, Manchester University Press
Tim Britton
Springer Nature
Petra Labriga
Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
Hugh Logue
Simon Ross
Manchester University Press

Minimum Viable Metadata

Wednesday 13 March 2019

For publishers who undertake initiatives to upgrade or update content workflow and knowledge management, missing or incomplete metadata is the great gremlin. Yet a key to success can be defining Minimal Viable Metadata (MVM) – the set of bare minimum information necessary to describe each element of content. The MVM itself will reflect a mix of internal and external factors, from IT systems to compliance requirements. With an MVM in place, publishers can accelerate production timelines; reduce and eliminate bottlenecks; and find new ways to drive revenue. Learn how to establish an MVM model quickly and sufficiently for the business challenge at hand, while not allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.


Marie Bilde, Independent Book Industry Consultant Brian O’Leary, Book Industry Study Group Ian Sygne, Ixxus Joshua Tallent, Firebrand Technologies
Marie Bilde
Independent Book Industry Consultant
Brian O’Leary
Book Industry Study Group
Ian Synge
Joshua Tallent
Firebrand Technologies

Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum: In Conversation

13 March 2019


  • Michael Healy, CCC
  • Jonathan Nowell, Book Trade Benevolent Society
  • Alison Tweed, Book Aid International

Your Content’s “Children” May Surprise You

Wednesday 13 March 2019

The situation is familiar to every family: Publisher “parents” may choose the original market for their content while their content “children” find other occupations in the after-market. For whatever reason it is created, content often inspires others in surprising directions. Sincere love songs from one generation somehow become the soundtracks to another generation’s social media memes. Publishers, however, are usually fixated on the original intent and may even resist or inhibit re-use potential when it appears. Discover how to identify and anticipate unrelated, potential value locked in your existing content – and be ready to respond when the unexpected happens.


James Colbert, Highlights for Children Nilu Mallory, Dorling Kindersly (DK) Jessica Rutt, RCNi (Royal College of Nursing Institute)
James Colbert
Highlights for Children
Nilu Mallory
Dorling Kindersly (DK)
Jessica Rutt
RCNi (Royal College of Nursing Institute)