Case Study

Covance lets the data speak for itself with RightFind Business Intelligence

Covance uses RightFind Business Intelligence, Copyright Clearance Center’s content usage, spend and value analytics module to tell their content ROI story and increase awareness of Covance’s research services.

With more than 12,000 employees across the globe, Covance needed a streamlined, data-driven approach to understanding how users engaged with published content. While this was feasible, pulling data together from multiple sources was an arduous process: hours spent filtering, analyzing and compiling reports in various spreadsheets, often without the benefit of real-time data.

To address these issues, they deployed RightFind Business Intelligence. With this tool, Covance’s information team can quickly create reports and data visualizations detailing researchers’ use of the published content to which Covance subscribes, as well as those articles that fall outside of subscriptions and are purchased via document delivery in RightFind.

I appreciate being able to pull the metrics so quickly so I can focus on telling the story and sharing the story of our successes and products, versus simply pulling the data to get to that point.

—Megan Nunemaker, Corporate Librarian, Covance

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