Copyright Essentials for K-12 – eLearning Course

Sign up now for our new Copyright Essentials for K-12 certificate course. This online, self-paced course covers the foundation of U.S. copyright law and is designed to help you build awareness of copyright and content use. Whether you are new to copyright or have some level of understanding, this course will help you feel more confident as you develop, or consider adopting, instructional materials for K-12 education.


Copyright Essentials for K-12 is divided into three sections:

Copyright Basics

  • Overview of U.S. copyright law
  • Why copyright matters in education
  • Public domain, fair use, and copyright infringement

Infringement Case Analysis

  • Review of relevant copyright cases
  • The impact of copyright case law on educators
  • Compliant uses of content in the classroom

Related Concepts

  • First Sale Doctrine: Section 109 of the Copyright Act
  • Exceptions and limitations in the classroom
  • The use of images, music, and video in the classroom
  • The use of Open Educational Resources


  • Schools, School Districts, and Departments of Education
  • Educators
  • Curriculum developers
  • Superintendents, school administrators, and staff
  • Librarians and information managers
  • General Counsel
  • Educational Technology providers
  • K-12 ELA core and supplemental curriculum developers
  • K-12 custom publishers
  • And all others interested in learning more about the impact of copyright at the intersection of K-12 education