Join us for a variety of webinars covering topics such as copyright, content use and compliance tips.

  • Making the Case for Embracing Micropublications: Are they a way forward for scholarly publishing?

    Albert Einstein said “an academic career, in which a person is forced to produce scientific writings in great amounts, creates a danger of intellectual superficiality”. In 2019, researchers have been working with the pressures of “Publish or Perish” for decades. The default response is to question the value of microPublications that are produced as a result. But what about when microPublications are carefully defined; peer review is stringently completed; and they enable publishers to more efficiently produce the “longer story” research articles with pre-validated research outputs? Are there largely unknown opportunities and values to be gained quickly? Can microPublications enable synthesizing and distilling of information and integrate this information in established repositories to create a more meaningful and greater corpus of knowledge – dare we say, global knowledgebase?

    We will hear from scientific curators with new roles as editors of microPublications, and a publisher who encourages this new publishing genre.

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  • Journal Metric Analysis and Measuring Impact – NEW Online Training

    Metrics and impact measurement have become an increasingly important part of the scholarly publishing and research landscape. This online course covers some of the ways publishers can measure impact and the associated metrics. It is divided between citation metrics, such as the Impact Factor and citation based analysis, and altmetrics looking at a range of tools such as altmetric.com, Impact Story and PlumX. The course also covers usage as a metric and various author and article level metrics such as the h-index.

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  • Plan S Revisions Decoded

    On May 31, cOAlition S revealed changes to the principles and implementation guidance for Plan S, impacting aspects of the scholarly publishing workflow such as:

    • The implementation deadline
    • Publication fees and collection models
    • Hybrid journals
    • Transformative and transitional agreements
    • Open Access repositories

    Join our discussion to discover the real-world implications of these changes.

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  • Copyright Challenges for Student Assessments

    Is the copyright permissions process a burden on you and your colleagues?

    • Confusion about the ways in which copyright law impacts your business
    • Risk of infringing on authors’ rights by misusing intellectual property
    • Time spent on case-by-case queries to unresponsive rightsholders
    • Expensive fees for one-off permissions
    • Disappointing source material to create assessment content

    Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn more about copyright best practices. The Student Assessment License from CCC can help you reduce individual permissions requests and allow your researchers to incorporate high-quality, copyrighted passages into assessments in a timely, cost-effective way.

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