Join us for a variety of webinars covering topics such as copyright, content use and compliance tips.

  • Research Data Management and Workflows in Universities – Transforming Data to Knowledge

    All over the world universities and libraries have started the task of developing research data services. Ideally such initiatives aim to result in a complete service portfolio covering the entire research life cycle: support in writing proposals and data management plans, repository infrastructures for the storage of data, support in publishing data, assignment of persistent identifiers, lecturing in data management, etc. This broad scope means that such services are often seen as requiring a joint effort from from university, library, IT centre, faculties and other stakeholders.

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  • Selling to Corporate Libraries

    As scholarly publishers and societies, we strive to serve our communities but in order to continue to grow we need to reach new audiences and find alternative revenue streams.  The corporate market offers a substantial opportunity, but corporations have distinct needs.  They focus on solving business problems, not providing archives, they merge, restructure and cease to exist far more quickly than universities.  Renewals are never a sure thing, and it is difficult to find and determine who the decision makers are for new business opportunities within them.

    This 90-minute panel discussion will present strategies that publishers can use to build new relationships and grow revenue in the corporate sector. Join us and learn about opportunities created by new technologies such as TDM and AI, corporate-oriented business models, content and features, and marketing and sales approaches that work for increasing revenue streams in this arena.

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  • Copyright Basics for the Proprietary Institution

    Beneficial as both an initial exposure to copyright, as well as a refresher for those who contend with these issues regularly, Copyright Basics for the Proprietary Institution is appropriate for librarians, faculty and staff members, administrators, bookstore, copy shop and reprographic personnel, IT professionals, course developers, students, and anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of copyright in a for-profit academic environment.

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  • Copyright at Work

    If you’ve ever been puzzled by copyright questions, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the copyright experts and to expand your respect for intellectual property. Not only will you get answers to your copyright questions, but you’ll also learn how to minimize your company’s exposure to illegal content use. Please join us for this engaging and educational webinar.

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  • Herausforderung Urheberrecht – Die Sammellizenz der VG WORT schafft Abhilfe


    • Verwendung von urheberrechtlich geschütztem Material im Geschäftsalltag
    • Herausforderung in Bezug auf “Copyright Compliance” weltweit
    • Lizenzlösung aus einer Hand: Welche Publikationen sind abgedeckt?
    • Zeit für Ihre Fragen

    Im heutigen Geschäftsalltag gibt es beim Austausch von Informationen keine technischen Grenzen mehr. Mitarbeiter in Unternehmen tun dies täglich. Weltweit. Im Zeitalter der digitalen Arbeitswelt – und im großen Unterschied zur “Printwelt” früher – gerät Urheberrecht dabei jedoch sehr leicht in Konflikt mit effektivem Wissenstransfer in Unternehmen.

    Was viele nicht wissen: In aller Regel steht mit einem Abonnement einer Publikation oder mit dem Einzelkauf eines Artikels tatsächlich nur das Recht zu Lesen zur Verfügung. Nicht jedoch die Rechte für das digitale Teilen mit anderen oder das Speichern.

    Das Webinar zeigt einen Weg auf, wie Ihr Unternehmen diese Inhalte rechtmäßig wiederverwenden und Urheberrechtsverletzungen wirksam ausschließen kann.

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  • Global Copyright Challenges

    Join Copyright Clearance Center for a complimentary one-hour webinar that explores global copyright challenges in a business environment.

    In business, there are no geographic boundaries. Employees exchange information regardless of where they are located. Yet copyright obligations often vary from one country to the next, creating a complex set of challenges for global organizations.

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  • Making the Case for Embracing Micropublications: Are they a way forward for scholarly publishing?

    Albert Einstein said “an academic career, in which a person is forced to produce scientific writings in great amounts, creates a danger of intellectual superficiality”. In 2019, researchers have been working with the pressures of “Publish or Perish” for decades. The default response is to question the value of microPublications that are produced as a result. But what about when microPublications are carefully defined; peer review is stringently completed; and they enable publishers to more efficiently produce the “longer story” research articles with pre-validated research outputs? Are there largely unknown opportunities and values to be gained quickly? Can microPublications enable synthesizing and distilling of information and integrate this information in established repositories to create a more meaningful and greater corpus of knowledge – dare we say, global knowledgebase?

    We will hear from scientific curators with new roles as editors of microPublications, and a publisher who encourages this new publishing genre.

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